sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

A melhor maneira de escolher a sua religião!

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Blogger Fred Fomm disse...

Hey bugger!

I worship ELVIS. Where da fuck is He on the feckin' flowchart?

1 de novembro de 2009 03:47  
Blogger Der Hexenhammer disse...

Elvis has the fucking same powers as the Christian God! Why do you want to be different? :)

4 de novembro de 2009 21:56  
Blogger Fred Fomm disse...


Elvis can fly, Elvis has X-ray vision, Elvis has LASERS.

The Christian & Ralf God can walk over water, multiply lower vertebrates and turn water into wine. Come to think of it the latter one's kinda cute, but knowing the Christians as we do, the said wine should be some crappy, Buckfast-type sorta shite.

And plus; Elvis would turn water into BEER

4 de novembro de 2009 22:04  
Blogger Der Hexenhammer disse...

I strongly disagree, mate...

Walking on water does exactly the same job as flying. Alas, the carpenter even flew up to the sky after his ressurection.
Omniscience includes and is far better than x-ray vision.
Lasers are nothing beside the mighty waste of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The only thing that Elvis can do that the Christian Andersen God can´t is singing! :)

And Elvis could surely turn water into single malt scotch!

5 de novembro de 2009 13:49  
Blogger Der Hexenhammer disse...

Oh, man! Even Superman, the faggot wearing underwear o´er his pants, has lasers!

5 de novembro de 2009 13:51  
Blogger Fred Fomm disse...

Omniscience puts the whole superhero thing to rest.

Any caped crusader should have a flaw, like the Kryptonite business. Otherwise the comics get too boring - the punter can do just about anything - and here's where the Christian & Ralf bible misses the key and goes badly offbeat.

The one truly godlike bastard to feature in a superhero strip was Doomsday, the unstoppable juggernaut that killed Sooper in 1992.

As he was godlike, they couldn't actually kill him, so he was transported to the end of times [????]. Granted he was stupid - otherwise he wouldn't fall in such basic contraption - but so are all major characters in the Bible plot...

15 de novembro de 2009 01:34  
Blogger Fred Fomm disse...

Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

15 de novembro de 2009 01:34  

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