domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Viva o Criacionismo! Vamos cantar e dançar!

Uma linda canção que mostra claramente como os Criaburracionistas pensam. Siga a letra abaixo:

Creation Science 101

God made the world in seven days

Well, that’s one week to be specific

Now, that’s what I call scientific

Say Hallelujah, sing His praise

Four thousand forty-two B.C.

On Monday, August twenty-seven

He made the earth and sky and Heaven

Then he punched out at five-oh-three

Then he made Adam, and then Eve

A garden for them to inhabit

The apple right where Eve could grab it

And I've got proof, 'cause I believe

Creation Science 101

In the beginning it begun

And you are just beginning to educate yourself when you shun


Then Cain and Abel he begat

And they begat all of the rest to us

Which means they must have been incestuous

I'm going to have to pray about that

There might be sinners in this class

Who might believe in Charles Darwin

I guess that's just their loss and our win

Because I'm gonna flunk their ass

If you make Genesis your text

You’ll laugh at Darwin and what he sees

To be the origin of species

Because he's just plain oversexed

Creation Science 101

You ain't no monkey's great grandson

You’ve got a research paper due

'bout the fifty reason to shun


Don't let em' hand you that old jive

About survival of the fittest

That notion don't pass the bull**** test

'Cause look at me, I'm still alive

God made the world just like it is

He made the fossils just to tease us

Old bones to test our faith in Jesus

Yeah, this'll all be on the quiz

Creation Science 101

Now Armagedd-your homework-done

Because when this semester's through,

It's straight A's for students who shun Evolution

The kids get such an education

When they shun

The heretical theory of the development of life on earth over millions of years by means of spontaneous genetic mutation

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